Single Filter Safety Gas Mask Full Face Mask for Army

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:XINXING

Model Number:MF14


Material:Chlorobutyl Rubber

Dead Space:<=1%




This type of gas mask is respiratory protective equipment for

filtering type full field of vision. It can be used connected with

windpipe and canister that can effectively protect people from

toxic or harmful gases and radioative dust. It is used for industrial

and agricultural, scientific research  units, transportation and

emergency treatment etc.


the detailed features listed as below:

1. Appearance: The surface must be smoothness, without bubbles, raw

edge as well as any defect that may effect the airtight.


2. Material: The material of facepiece is chlorobutyl rubber

(the natural rubber or silica rubber can be used according to

the requirement of the customers). The nosecup is made of

silica rubber without any poison or irritant smell.

The metal components are made from stainless steel without

any crack, raw edge or sharp edge.


3. Fire Retardancy of Facepiece: the flame should not be

continued more than 5s while the face-piece is removed from the fire.


4. Environmental Conditioning: the change of  the

product is distortionless after pre-treatment; the

filter can be connected well via threads.


5. Replaceable Components: Lens, head hardness

and the button of the head hardness.

6. Strength of The Head Hardness: the hardness is

not destroyed within 10s while the force is 150N.


7. Combination Intensity: the connective canister

is not destroyed while the force is 250N or

more than that value.


8. Eyepiece, Goggles: the lens is made from polycarbonate

material; the luminous transmittance is no less than 89% and 

with anti-foggy treatment, there also has protection film on the 

outside. It can be take off while using the gas mask.


Single Filter Safety Gas Mask Full Face Mask for Army-XINXING